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Power Up

There is a standard IEC PC-like power connector, no need for custom cables.


Fortunatelly, CDTV has all types of video connectors: RF, Composite and RGB.

The best quality can be achieved using RGB connector. It is possible to connect it to SCART or VGA inputs.

amiga-to-scart by anemos
From English Amiga Board

For VGA you have to use a monitor that supports 15 kHz horizontal sync.

On the Internet there are suggestions to build a direct RGB-VGA pin-to-pin converter. I have not tried that.



Instead I purchased a commercial adapter. It included a 7408 chip, most probably to adjust the HSYNC and VSYNC voltage levels to TTL standard.

From English Amiga Board

You may also want to consult these schematics from and an article on video synchronization.


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