BBC Micro Model B


Inside the BBC B – detailed motherboard description
Connecting BBC Micro to a TV
BBC Micro Game Archive



Useful hints:

  1. To enable color on the composite output close jumper/link S39 and make sure capacitor C58 is in place. Both are near the RF modulator.
  2. There can be various ROM chips installed. Computer will boot from the rightmost ROM chip. To boot from a different chip, change their order on the board.
  3. The composite video connector is BNC. If you don’t have a BNC plug, you can use RCA female-to-female link and put a little aluminum baking foil in its hole to tighten it up.


Power Supply

BBC Power Supply is equipped with the infamous RIFA capacitors that are likely to explode. Here I decided to replace all the electrolytic capacitors as well as 0.1uF and 0.01uF RIFAs. The pictures above show the new capacitors already in place.




Welcome to the BBC Computer literacy project – a cassette and a booklet sold with the BBC Micro.

Welcome to the BBC computer literacy project (PDF)

2 thoughts on “BBC Micro Model B

  1. Interesting — the first (and so far only) time that anyone has taken clear photos of the PED (FKA Pye Electro-Devices) keyboard on the BBC Micro showing all the switches. It is too bad that I never got to play with one of these — I mostly ended up with the Wong’s/Futaba keyboards.


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