Apple Macintosh Powerbook 190


Low End Mac
Service Manual

Please check Powerbook 190cs, as it shares majority of components with 190, except for the display.




Casio MD805TT00-C1

As you can see on the top picture with the machine powered on, there is one of the screen driver chips broken resulting in a dead rectangle on the display. It is rather not repairable.

It is possible to solder regular SMD capacitors in place of those 3.3uF/35V boxes (they contain small electrolytic capacitors inside), but I would not recommend nor do it for the second time. It is too easy to break delicate traces and repairing them is troublesome.

Backlight Inverter Board

Floppy Disk Drive

Mitsubishi Electric MF355H-498MA

Hard Disk Drive

500MB IBM DB0A-2540



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