Apple ///


ADTPro – transferring disk images to Apple /// – documentation, disk images
Apple /// Documentation in One Zip File – a lot of disk images
Apple /// Technical Procedures

Take a moment to also look at Apple /// Disk and Apple ProFile HDD.

I have started a project on Github, which has a digitized version of the motherboard wire list and some tools to process and query the board. With these tools you may quickly browse through the components and their connections to diagnose board problems.



Location of board’s major components:


Memory Module (5V version)

Power Supply

Floppy Disk Drive




Some Dirt

Experiment Bench


4 thoughts on “Apple ///

  1. Interesting — that may be the first time that a keyboard with all-black tall KCC switches has showed up. That does put weight behind the possibility that these black switches are an older model. (The technical reference manuals from Apple do not give the part numbers for the Alps switches.)


    1. That’s interesting, I have not really noticed that. My other III has white pods. The marks on the circuit board are all the same. Only the cursor PCB differs – in white key pod keyboard this small board is green, but here it is blue.


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