Apple IIc


Apple IIc Documentation (schematics, reference manuals)
More Documentation (programmers guide)
Apple ][ Game and Disk Server – software base that streams over an audio cable
Apple Cassette Tapes
Apple 2 Online
Apple Disk Transfer

Check out the Apple IIc Monitor and Apple IIc Disk pages.




Power Supply Module

Floppy Disk Drive

Power Supply

Apple IIc power supply is really just a transformer with a full bridge rectifier and a big 10000uF/35V capacitor to smooth the output DC.

The power supply is a brick – the cover is glued together and it is impossible to disassemble it without damage. The best way to disassemble the power supply is to saw it into two pieces around the stitch where the two covers come together, with the following universal tool:

The 10000uF capacitor may be not common to have, there is enough space to replace it with three 3300uF capacitors (connected in parallel).

The power supply outputs a single voltage, which is described on the cover as 15V DC. It is not stabilised (stabilisation is done in an additional ASTEC module inside the computer), but pretty smooth and constant (thanks to the huge capacitor). My power supply produced actually a 25V DC output and it was ok for the computer. Additionally, on the plug there is a direct pass-through connection to the mains earth.


Capacitors List





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