Apple Macintosh Powerbook 540



This machine is the same as Powerbook 540c with the exception of the display, which is grayscale active-matrix LCD screen.



The leaking battery destroyed one of the pins of the voltage controller IC LTC1148HV. I managed to uncover it with Dremel and solder a bodge wire directly to the IC internal part of the pin.

CPU Card

Memory Board


Display is a Hosiden MTFT active LCD matrix, it is prone to so called tunnel effect. I followed some advices on the Internet to bake the display in an oven, but it did not help much. I baked it only for two hours at 85 centigrades, so maybe this was too short too cold.

Display backlight inverter

Display Connection Board

Hard Drive

240MB Conner CFN250S. The disk was not spinning up initially, opening it up and moving the plates helped to get it unstuck.

Floppy Disk Drive

Mitsubishi MF355H-498MA





2 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh Powerbook 540

    1. It is not the caps, something wrong the screen itself, appears only on active matrix lcds, some say this is a bad sealing on the edges that causes moisture to get in and baking evaporates it, but I have no data to confirm this hypothesis


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