Commodore 1701


Commodore Monitors by Model Number



Main Board

In order to recap the board I recommend to remove the flyback transformer so it does not get damaged in the process of turning the board from one side to the other.

Capacitors list for recapping (all boards):

Flyback Transformer


Power Supply Transformer

Power Supply Board

CRT Socket Board

Front Control Panel

The potentiometers on the front panel are particularly likely to wear out – the resistive path inside tears out and stops conducting. The results depend on the function – but if there is no reaction to turning the knob the first place to start is there. I did not find a way to fix them and did not find a replacement. The faulty one was for the colour and I soldered an internal potentiometer preset to a good value, but there is no way to tune it from the outside.

Rear Connection Panel

Voltage Selection Switch


Some Dirt (and Cables)