Optimus NBD486 Laptop


This is a 486 laptop labeled by Optimus S.A. – a Polish company that was very popular locally in the early 90’s, which was a time of country transformation post the Soviet regime. It became famous for its troubles with the government, which brought its founder, Roman Kluska to jail and company to bankruptcy based on alleged claims of a VAT tax fraud. Optimus and Roman were eventually cleared from charges and continued business until later in 2010 the company merged with CD Project game development studio, currently famous for the Cyberpunk 2077 game.

The NBD 486 machine was a rebranded laptop manufactured by Chaplet Systems USA. There is no useful information about the laptop on the Internet today.


No documents found.



The backup battery is a 3.6V three button cells Varta V11RT. This is supposed to be a rechargeable Cd-Ni battery. There are reports in the Internet of successfully replacing this battery with a single 3V CR2032 cell. I replaced it with 3.6V 1/2 AA battery. With an extended cables it is possible to fit the battery cradle under the back trap door.

Power Supply Board


Hitachi LMG5271XUFC-F1

Backlight Inverter



Floppy Disk Drive


Hard Disk Drive

128MB Seagate ST9145AG

The HDD worked fine as the computer is not that old, but its capacity is very small and prevents from installing interesting things, including Windows 95 (installation from HDD). It is a good idea to replace it with 2.5″ SD IDE adapter.


Battery Pack

10x GP200AFK cells. The cells are likely to leak. Because I don’t need the laptop running on the battery, I removed the cells and kept the cover only.

Power Supply