Commodore C286-LT


Please compare with Commodore C386SX-LT.



LCD Screen

GE-3094V-0 S

Backlight Power Inverter Module

Hard Drive

21 MB Conner CP-2024

Floppy Disk Drive

TEAC FD-335HF 063-U

LED Panel



BIOS entry key combination is CTRL-ALT-ESC pressed after the system booted.

Power Supply

For the instructions on pinouts, power supply replacement and battery replacement, please see Power Supply section of Commodore C386SX-LT page. They are exactly the same.


The original battery pack is 12V, 1700mAh. The replacement battery can still be purchased by the product code P170AE-10LX. In the absence of the battery pack, the computer can be started with external 12V power supply connected directly to the battery terminals at the laptop.


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