Thomson Life TV


This TV model is marked as 10MK16UF, type: 426/TX807C GB. I have not found any interesting resources about it on the Internet. It is great match for retro computers, because it has RF, composite AV and SCART inputs.


Main Board

Power Supply Board

CRT Board


Remote ControlLER

Thomson RCT312


6 thoughts on “Thomson Life TV

  1. Longshot, but do you happen to have a list of capacitors for this TV?

    I have one with faulty sound and think a re-cap might help?


      1. Exactly the same problem for me. I ended up unplugging the speaker inside, however I am looking for a permamnet fix. I wonder if a re cap could do it.


      2. I just got one of these and had similar noise. I messed around in the tuner menu and set it to France (not entirely sure how I saved the setting, but it did stick after more messing around, which stopped the noise.


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