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Unitra Warel Unitron 11 Watch is a Polish watch from the 1983, interestingly the movement as well as the IC were built in Poland by CEMI. The strap is original and is manufactured by POLO-SPORT – a brand that was used for selling sport goods in communist Poland, not to be confused with Ralph Lauren clothing.

It has a mechanism compatible with Unitron 21.


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Version with plastic IC cover in front and tape in the back to get a better contact to the LCD screen. The board is marked “ZC/8”, please compare to a board from Unitron 21, which is marked “ZC”.

Version without the cover (IC visible) and a different oscillator.

Display with zebra contacts

Ingrated Circuit

This is a watch version of MC1202 chip.

Manufacturer mark on the IC: CEMI and ITE-1202E

different kindS of cover