Schneider HD20 HDD


Wiki (Euro PC)
FD360, FD720, HD20 Service Manuals
FD360, FD720, HD20, FD1200T, STS40 Service Manuals

This is a HDD enclosure with a power supply and IDE XT drive. Please see the Euro PC for which this HDD was designed.


Power Supply

It’s a classical +5V/+12V PSU used to power PC peripherals. The most faulty-prone part in this PSU is TDA4605 controller. The PSU has an additional “Standby” input wire. When this wire is floating, the PSU will remain shut down. Applying +5V to this wire will make the PSU start and generate output voltages.

Hard Disk Drive

The hard drive used is 20MB Seagate ST325-X (other spec). The drive in my HD20 had different jumpers than the ones described in the specs. It had a section of 3 jumpers, which meaning is not known to me. As I received the drive, it had the middle jumper installed. With this jumper the computer refused to initialise the drive and boot from it. Only when I removed all the jumpers, it started working correctly.

Data Cable


Some Programs

Here are the screenshots of some of the programs I found on the HD20.

3 thoughts on “Schneider HD20 HDD

  1. What a rare piece of kit that is!
    Is it just a straight pass through cable to the LPT port ? if so, I can see wiring configuration and the driver being useful to have.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a pass through but not to the LPT port. Euro PC has a dedicated HDD port which is connected to the data, control and address bus of the machine. I don’t know which chips control it though, may be the CPU.


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