Macintosh SC20 HDD



SC20 is really nothing more than just an SCSI drive enclosure with own power supply, fan and SCSI ID selection switch. You can put any SCSI drive in there.



Hard Disk Drive

21MB Seagate ST-225N.

This drive is likely to have media errors after all these years. Here are some hints how to make the drive operable:

  • You can connect SC20 to any other later Macintosh with SCSI socket and prepare the drive and install OS in a more modern environment – this will save time and frustration.
  • If Apple HDD SC Setup refuses to initialise the drive, try LaCie Silverlining utility. It is capable of initialising, formatting, marking bad sectors and partitioning drives which have lots of errors. It will also install own HDD driver on the drive.
  • On a correctly partitioned drive, when OS installation fails reporting drive is unusable, try creating two or three partitions and install the OS on other than the first partition.

Power Supply

Sony CR-43

Fan and SCSI ID Switch