Apple Disk ///


Disk /// Calibration Using Apple IIe
Disk /// Technical Procedures

Check out the Apple /// Computer and Apple ProFile HDD.

Compare with other external Apple drives: Apple Disk 5.25, Apple Disk IIApple II DuoDisk, Apple IIc DiskMacintosh 400K Drive, Apple 3.5 Drive.




Stepper Motor

There is a good chance a stuck stepper motor can be repaired. The motor’s case is composed of two pieces, which tend to go apart and the axle with stationary magnet gets stuck against the surrounding case. The motor can be removed from the disk drive. It is a good idea to mark the position of the motor against the drive housing for reinstallation. The wires going to the motor most likely need to be cut and later soldered back.

After the motor is removed from the drive, the axle with the magnet can be removed from the housing by cutting off the back label and removing a front washer.

After cleaning and fixing any issues with the housing, reinstallation is in the reverse steps. It is probable that the drive will need recalibration. It can be done following this instruction. I have not done that, since my drive just worked fine after reassembly.


10 thoughts on “Apple Disk ///

  1. I need to adapt this 26-pin connector to the standard DB 19 apple IIc connector. Is there a site that has that information? . thank you


    1. Between III and II that is not possible with just pin to pin mapping. The analog boards are different even though the drive mechanism is the same. I don’t know what it looks like with 2c but the way to go would be to compare schematics.


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