Commodore C64C


C64 Wiki
C64/C64C Service Manual
A brief history of C64

Please compare with Commodore C64 and C64G. Check out floppy disk drives 1541 and also the tape recorder Datassette.





4 thoughts on “Commodore C64C

  1. I preferred this case design over the “bread bin” case. If only Commodore slimmed down those awful chunky keys which was like typing on a grocery checkout till.


  2. This unit seems to be C64E with the new PLA and 8510CPU. C64C had the old breadbin 6510 line of chips and its keyboard is different from the one on the pictures. On C64C keyboard the special characters are printed on the front side of the keycaps (like on dark breadbin keyboards) and not on the top.


    1. This unit has not been modified and its label says clearly C64C. As far as I found C64E was referred to the motherboard only. I could not also find any information about the two different keyboard types installed, whether they were correlated to the motherboard or not. Do you have any links to the source information?


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