Amiga 3000


Jumper settings and other useful info
Error colors, blinks and Guru codes
Flicker-fixer repair and adjustment




Motherboard suffered severe battery leak that destroyed the area around the battery.

The method of fixing the leak is the same as in other leaks, please see pages about Amstrad ALT-386SX, Apple Macintosh IIcx or Apple Macintosh SE. Here are the pictures of a cleaned and fixed board (PCB covered with transparent varnish) and the back side with bodge wires.

Replacing VC190 variable capacitor needs calibrating the RTC oscillator to 32.768 kHz at pin 16 or 17 of U190 (RP5C01). Replacing VC470 variable capacitor needs calibrating the flicker-fixer PLL, please consult this page.


I bought my Amiga without the daughter card. Here is the original daughter card revision 7.01, which I purchased later.

Amiga 3000 will not boot without the daughter card, it will stop with a yellow screen. A workaround can be applied – a 470 Ohm resistor needs to be soldered between 5V and pin 66 of any Zorro connector (DTACK signal). This should allow for booting the machine, but I noticed soft or hard reset will still cause a hang with the yellow screen.

Fortunately, there is a PCB project available for a modern remake of the daughter card. I ordered and built this PCB and it works well – Amiga boots and resets fine as well as Zorro cards operate correctly. Here is a clean PCB board manufactured:

The simplest variant requires installing only parts needed for Zorro slots and signals termination:

Power Supply

The noisy fan can be replaced with a modern silent fan, for example Noctua NF-R8 Redux 1200, the same which I used in my Amiga 2000.

Capacitors List

Floppy Disk Drive

Chinon FB-354

Hard Disk Drive

Not sure if this was the original HDD, but it is 248MB Maxtor LXT213SY. I replaced the HDD with SCSI2SD simulator, version 6 and managed to get around 3Mb/s of data transfer. Version 5, which I used with Amiga 2000 allowed for maximum transfer of about 1Mb/s.


The internals and the cable of the keyboard are the same as in Amiga 2000, but the cover is styled after Amiga 3000.

RTG Card

My Amiga had installed Commodore A2410 Retargetable Graphics Card. I managed to use this card with EGS drivers, but the installation was difficult and I am not sure if I can repeat it.