Neptun M358A Monitor


Wiki (poor info in Polish)
Neptun TV tips and tricks (in Polish)
Unimor Fanpage
Service Manual (unlocked version of M357A/B – most of the components are the same as in M358A)


Backplane Board


Second Stage Flyback Transformer (TPN-31)


UMN-2001 – Anti Interference Module

The big red capacitors are 3-in-1 Miflex KSPpz-3 anti-interference capacitors connected in a triangle: 0.22uF and 2×2.3nF. They are likely to blow with age and can be replaced by three separate capacitors soldered directly to the board.

UMD-2012 – Color Decoder Module 

UMV-2010 – Vertical Deflection Module

UMW-2011 – Amplifiers Module

UMD-2022 – Luminance Module

UMM-2002 – Monitor Video/RGB Module

UMF-2000 – Audio Module

UBP-1010 – High/Intermediate Frequency Block

UMP-1007 (part of UBP-1010) – Intermediate Frequency Module

UMG-1010 (part of UBP-1010) – Tuner Module

UMS-2001 – Synchronisation Module

UMZ-2012 – Voltage Converter Module

Channel Tuning Shelf Panel


UMK-2010 – CRT Board


Antenna Balun



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