Sinclair Amstrad APC 386SX



There are very few online resources about this PC. It is a rebranded Amstrad 3386. It is famous for a proprietary design of the keyboard, which can’t be replaced with anything commonly available. Without a keyboard, the PC will not boot.



The CMOS battery is integrated into Dallas DS1287 real time clock controller chip. The integrated battery can be replaced with an external one, following these instructions.


CPU Card


ISA Interposer Card

Power Supply

Amstrad SMP-145CB


This is not the keyboard that originally came with this PC. It is an Amstrad PC2386 keyboard, which is compatible with 3386 systems. Please check out the Amstrad 2386 Keyboard page where the keyboard is described in details, including the communication protocol it uses.

Hard Disk Drive

45 MB Seagate ST-157A-1. The correct parameters for this drive are provided on this page.

Floppy Disk Drive



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