Schneider Euro XT


Euro PC, PC2, XT Service Manuals

This is one of Euro PC series, which also include Euro PC, Euro PC 2 and (probably) Tower AT.

Boot and BIOS screens:



ISA Interposer Card

Floppy Disk Drive

720K Toshiba ND-352SH-A

LED Panel

Power Supply

My Euro XT had the original PSU removed. I replaced it with a small form factor AT power supply. It can be seen on the pictures of computer reassembly below.


4 thoughts on “Schneider Euro XT

  1. I wanted one for a whole year (1990), after seeing it in the cover article of the Portuguese edition of “Personal Computer World” magazine. It was very expensive (maybe 1.5x the monthly salary of a school teacher, such as my Mum). I wanted the Euro XT so much that I not even considered buying other machines that were launched in the many months after it appeared on the cover. But when we could afford it, it was already out of stock, and ended up buying an IBM PS/1 (2011), which I cherish a lot (the IBM was even more expensive, and had VGA, color monitor, and a 30 Mb HDD. Also, it aged better, since the metal doesn’t rusted / tarnished as I see on Euro XT recent photos. I am glad to say that the PS/1 still works perfectly (after recent replacement of the keyboard capacitors). Thank you for sharing 🙂


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