Apple Macintosh Powerbook 160


Service Source



CPU Board


Sharp LM64P58

Backlight Inverter Board

Display Interface Board


Floppy Disk Drive

Sony MPF22A-01

Hard Disk Drive

80MB IBM WDS-280



2 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh Powerbook 160

  1. WOW! you always seem to find working machines, or have you repaired them ? Those power caps on the invertor board should be replaced, they will blow the invertor if the fuse doesn’t catch them first. The PowerBook 160 and 180 are very well built and the design is really nice. The trackball is great to use, I had a 180C but had to sell it in favour of a Compaq 5280.
    Your photographic skills are great, how do you get such clear photos, I guess you are using a lightbox.

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    1. This one had broken display – I replaced LA5316 power regulator chip (from broken Toshiba T1200XE screen – it is where cross brand hobby pays off 🙂 and of course I recap all the electrolytic capacitors. But I try to make photos of the original boards before recapping. Thanks for the good words about my pictures, I do appreciate that. I use also vintage these days Nikon D80 with SB-600 flash which I turn back and this is in a small attic room so light gets well dispersed. But this camera lenses start having uneven focus. I plan to upgrade to D7500, but there is always something more important to buy, like, a new computer 🙂

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