Seiko Pocket Computer MC-2200 & MP-220


Seiko Pocket Computer MC-2200 & MP-220 are rebranded Sharp PC-1245 and CE-125. Although the original Seiko manuals are difficult to find, the Sharp versions should work.



Pocket Computer (MC-2200)

Microcassette Recorder & Printer (MP-220)


I had two items broken on my board: printer paper advance pushbutton and NR-HL-3V relay. I replaced the button with some microswitch of roughly the same height and removed the relay. The relay seems to be used to control tape recorder motor power and operating in NC (normally closed) mode. When it is removed, it will be possible to operate the tape recorder any time, without the commands from the pocket computer.


It is easy to find replacement batteries today, look for AA size NiCD 1.2V cells.

Microcassette Recorder

Thermal Printer


Cable Arrangements