Compaq LTE Laptop


Setup & Diagnostics Disk

This machine looks as LTE/286, but it actually has 8086 processor and LTE marking on the cover.



All electrolytic capacitors need replacement, they leak and destroy the board traces.


The three CXK5864BM-10L chips are SRAM memory used for video data. When they are damaged, there will be garbage on the screen, but generally, the machine will run. On my board the chips and traces below were damaged, probably from the capacitor acid. I removed them to uncover the traces and learn what the correct connection should be.

Then I soldered them back and fixed the broken traces. It does not look super nice, but works.

Floppy Disk Drive

Citizen U0DA-02A

There is a rubber belt propelling the floppy, it most likely needs replacement. I just used some other belt I had that fit, but I don’t know the parameters of the correct belt.

Hard Disk Drive

Conner CP4021

Display and Backlight

Power Supply

Connector panel


The connecting surface at the end of the tapes is likely to wear out or break resulting in sections of keys not functioning. A way to fix it is to cut the tape end off completely (the black carbon part) and to scrub the insulation from the silver traces creating a new connector. Then insert it together with the plastic tab that was on the original end. This will work, but probably it will easily break if there is need to remove and reinsert the connector multiple times to the motherboard.



2 thoughts on “Compaq LTE Laptop

  1. That’s the first compaq notebook from 1989 and runs at 10Mhz. For something that is over 30 years old and with all those SMD chips and components, just shows that Compaq made high quality machines. Pity about all those SMD caps which certainly must be replaced!
    Another great post!


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