Apple Macintosh Powerbook 180c





CPU Board

RAM Board

RAM Expansion Board

Floppy Disk Drive

Sony MPF22A-01

Hard Disk Drive

Fujitsu M2637SA

LCD Display

Sharp LQ9D01A. This display, if original, most likely today needs replacement of the electrolytic SMD capacitors.

Display and Keyboard Adapter

This board has the ribbon cable replaced with one from an Asus PC.

Inverter Board

Backlight Power Adapter Board




3 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh Powerbook 180c

    1. Hi Mark. I don’t know where that cable came from – it was laying around in my cable drawer. It has Asus written on it, so it must have come from some Asus PC. It is a narrow HDD or FDD ribbon, you can find it from other sources too. You need to cut it and replace at the original connectors by pushing into the clamps and securing with plastic tabs.


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