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Timex FDD 3000

Resources WikiTOSUser ManualFDD Softwareyarek.plTechnical Documentation Please check out Timex Computer 2048 page as well. Don’t put the monitor on top of FDD 3000, like in the pictures above. CRT generates electromagnetic field that interferes with this drive and generates significantly more read errors. Internals Motherboard Power Transformer This transformer was giving 20V AC at the… Read more “Timex FDD 3000”

Timex Computer 2048

Resources WikiService Please check out Timex FDD 3000 page as well. Internals Reassembly

Sony BVM-9044D Monitor

Resources Wiki (Sony Trinitron) BVM (Broadcast Video Monitor) is a professional monitor with composite, RGB, Y/C (S-Video) and SDI (Serial Digital Interface) inputs. It is great for all kinds of retro computing and produces picture of exceptional quality. Internals “B” Board “D” Board “QA” Board (I/O) “S” Board “P” Board (Flyback) “CA” Board (CRT) PSU… Read more “Sony BVM-9044D Monitor”

Schneider HD20 HDD

Resources Wiki (Euro PC)FD360, FD720, HD20 Service ManualsFD360, FD720, HD20, FD1200T, STS40 Service Manuals This is a HDD enclosure with a power supply and IDE XT drive. Please see the Euro PC for which this HDD was designed. Internals Power Supply It’s a classical +5V/+12V PSU used to power PC peripherals. The most faulty-prone part… Read more “Schneider HD20 HDD”


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