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ПЭВМ АГАТ (Agat) 7

Resources (pinouts) Internals Motherboard FDD Controller Card Memory Cards CPU Card Power Supply Keyboard Floppy Disk Drive Bulgarian IZOT EC5088.02 FDD Simulator Speaker Reassembly

Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-1

Resources Wikitrs-80.comDaves Old Computers – documentationLCD Replacement Internals Boards Board 1 Board 2 Keyboard Cassette Interface Case Reassembly Not much to do reassembling it…

Apple Macintosh Powerbook 1400cs/166

Resources WikiService Source Internals Motherboard PCIMCIA Interface CPU Board RAM Board Hard Disk Drive 1445MB Toshiba MK1403MAV CD-ROM MODULE TEAC CD-211E-008-U Battery Display Hitachi LMG9910ZWCC Backlight Inverter Board Keyboard Trackpad Accessory Reassembly


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