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Commodore PET 8096-SK

Unfortunately, my PET comes without a keyboard. It is pretty hard to get an original keyboard. I will try to recreate it using VIC or C64 keyboard and 3D printed case, but I don’t know when. Resources Internals Bottom Board Top Board Power Supply Analog Board CRT Reassembly Some Dirt

IBM PS/1 Model 2011

Resources WikiDiagnostic codesoldcomputer.infoSoftwarePS/1 Models Internals Desktop Unit Motherboard Memory Module Serial Port Module Power Regulator Module Floppy Disk Drive Mitsubishi MF355C-599MA Hard Disk Drive 30MB IBM WDL-330P Chassis Fan Reassembly Color Monitor Main and CRT Boards Side Board Power Supply Accessory Boards CRT Reassembly Keyboard This is not the right keyboard that came with PS/1… Read more “IBM PS/1 Model 2011”

Sharp PC-1500A

Resources (service manuals) Internals Computer Boards Keyboard Battery pack Infamous insulation sponge that dissolves with time CE-161 Program Module with Battery CE-150 Printer and Cassette Interface Overview Boards Printer CE-158 RS-232C and Parallel Interface Overview Boards Battery Pack Reassembly

ПЭВМ АГАТ (Agat) 7

Resources (pinouts) Russian bootleg Apple II – an excellent video about Agat by Russian Video Game Comrade Internals Motherboard FDD Controller Card Memory Cards CPU Card Power Supply Keyboard Floppy Disk Drive Bulgarian IZOT EC5088.02 FDD Simulator Speaker Reassembly


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