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Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-1

Resources Wikitrs-80.comDaves Old Computers – documentationLCD Replacement Internals Boards Board 1 Board 2 Keyboard Cassette Interface Case Reassembly Not much to do reassembling it…

Apple Macintosh Powerbook 1400cs/166

Resources WikiService Source Internals Motherboard PCIMCIA Interface CPU Board RAM Board Hard Disk Drive 1445MB Toshiba MK1403MAV CD-ROM MODULE TEAC CD-211E-008-U Battery Display Hitachi LMG9910ZWCC Backlight Inverter Board Keyboard Trackpad Accessory Reassembly

Apple Macintosh Powerbook 520

Resources WikiService Manual Internals Motherboard CPU Board Memory Extension Board Floppy Disk Drive Mitsubishi Electric MF355H-498MA Hard Disk Drive 160MB SCSI IBM DHAS-2270 Touchpad Display Sharp MFSTN LM64P858 Before and after replacing electrolytic capacitors Backlight Inverter Board TDK CXA-2021F1 Display Interconnect Board Battery Reassembly


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