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Unitra MK 450 Tape Recorder

Resources WikiService ManualUnitra Klub This is a slightly modified version of Unitra MK 250 Tape Recorder, targeted specifically as a storage for computers. The front label says “pamięć magnetofonowa”, which means “tape storage memory”. It has an extra LED indicator (signal strength?) and a switch between audio and computer modes, but otherwise it looks the same… Read more “Unitra MK 450 Tape Recorder”

Unitra MK 250 Tape Recorder

Resources WikiService ManualUnitra Klub This was a popular tape recorder in the 80’s Poland, that could have been used either with local computers like Meritum and Elwro or very popular imported ZX Spectrum+ and likes. It could also be used to play audio. Please take a look at a similar model Unitra MK 450 Tape Recorder,… Read more “Unitra MK 250 Tape Recorder”

Timex Sinclair 2020 Computer Program Recorder

Resources WikiManual This tape recorder was popular to load programs to Timex or ZX Spectrum machines. It was also sold by RadioShack as Minisette-9. Internals Analog Board Mechanism Reassembly

Commodore PC 20-II

Resources WikiService Manual (from 10-II, applies to 20-II)Remi’s Classic (many files to download) Commodore PC 20-II is almost exactly the same as Commodore PC 10-II, but it is equipped with 20MB hard drive. My machine is unfortunately missing the HDD and the controller. It should be possible to connect MFM drive and controller, as described… Read more “Commodore PC 20-II”


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