Commodore 1802 Monitor


Service Manual
Commodore Monitors by Model Number

Commodore 1802 monitor was released in 1986, it matches well the white-case Commodore C64G, C128 and C128D.



CRT Board

Flyback Transformer




Cable Arrangements (and some dirt)

4 thoughts on “Commodore 1802 Monitor

  1. What a great, and bloody thorough resource you’ve provided. Fantastic. Just bought one of these at auction and the power switch and volume controls are working, but faulting. Most likely corrosion over time, but these photos really prepare me before opening her up. Thanks.


  2. Fantastic! I have one of these with the dodgy power switch and missing door. Any idea where to get a replacement door? Even 3D printed would do. The monitor is very yellow and has writing on top as it belonged to a school, so I’m looking forward to giving it a refresh! Thanks for all the info 🙂


    1. It is rather impossible to buy a separate original cover door. They surface rarely and get auctioned at unreasonable prices. Maybe you can find a 3D model somewhere. It can be easier to buy a broken monitor with the cover. Good luck.


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