Schneider Euro PC


Computer Museum of Humboldt University Berlin
Old Machinery Blog (pinouts)

Mirror from a defunct web page

Please check out the hard drive HD20 that was designed for the Euro PC machine and the successor machine, Euro PC II.

Power Supply

The power ratings are compatible with a standard PC ATX power supply. The pinout of the power socket is the following:


And the pinouts of the ATX power supply can be found here. I have not tried the ON pin, but it most probably is connected to the red power button on the back of the computer and can be used to remotely switch on/off the power supply.


Euro PC has a standard CGA output. Only R, G, B, HS, VS and GND pins are used on the DB-9 connector. My Euro PC produced 15.7 kHz horizontal sync and 60 Hz vertical sync signals. You will need a CGA-compatible monitor or a video scaler to display it. I managed to connect a modern VGA monitor through a cheap GBS-8220 video scaler board – it is described in a separate post.

You will not see anything on the screen unless BIOS has one the following options set:

  • Internal video is enabled OR
  • Video Startup is set to Monochrome or Special Adapter

BIOS shortcut is Alt-Control-Esc. To change the Video Startup without an active display, enter BIOS and press down arrow four times and page down to select the next option, then Enter to confirm. Repeat until you activate the display.




The original on-board battery is likely to leak, so it is a good idea to change it to a brand new one. Without a battery it can be impossible to store any BIOS options and in a consequence to boot from a floppy.

Joystick/mouse add-on card

Floppy disk drive

FDD is Sony MP-11W-58S 720K unit. It has a small variant of the tape connector, so replacement with regular floppy drives is not straightforward.


16 thoughts on “Schneider Euro PC

  1. Hello.
    I had my EuroPC keyboard membrane damaged, then i replicate it on a PCB board made by professional manufature service.
    I have 4 remaining to sell to interested people with similar problem.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello.

        I selled them all, but i have the original drawing of keyboard PCB (one wheek drawin it on PC).

        I Sent the schmatics to China to manufature (min of 5 bords to order).

        If you are interested please reply by this way or email.


    1. Hello Luis, do you by any chance have an EuroPC keyboard membrane for sale? Mine is damaged and l’m looking for a replacement. Thank you!


      1. Hello Geri.

        At the moment i dont have remaing keyboard pcb’s.
        I had sell them all.

        I have the gerber file made by me on PC by hand .

        The minium order by the manufaturer is 5 boards.

        I had spend about 60 Euros on the boards. (Fab costs + courier + taxes).

        Best regards


      2. I have to look for the gerber files that i had made some years ago. I had to order 5 min quantity for the pcb prodution factory that time. With DHL ports and customs i payed about 60 euros. But mow there is more competetive PCB services that cab mad cheapear PCB’s. If i find the files i will notify you. Best regards.


  2. Hello, i need EuroPC II BIOS and CHAR roms dumps.

    Can anyone get me a copy of them to try to reflash my EUROPC II ROMS.

    Best regards.


    1. Hi Luis, did you find EuroPC II BIOS? I got myself Euro PC II lately and it has BIOS V3.01. It has a weird behavior testing RAM, which does not affect anything, I suspect maybe my BIOS is not entirely correct. I can send the image to you if you need it. If you found one, could you share for me to check mine? Thanks.


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