Apple Macintosh IIfx





IIfx motherboard uses two 3.6V batteries and the machine will not start without them – it turns the power supply on by providing a battery voltage on one of the power supply pins.



Power Supply


Floppy Disk Drive

1.4MB Sony MP-F75W-11G

Hard Disk Drive

122MB Conner CP30100

Video Card

Formac ProNitron. The pictures on top of the page with the monitor are made with another graphics card. ProNitron produces too high resolution for the monitor I have. I also noticed some standard VGA monitors have also troubles with displaying the picture, but some don’t. This can be misleading as if the card was faulty, while it just needs a proper monitor.

Network Card

DaynaPORT E/II-3

Video Capture Card

SuperMac Spigot NuBus

Capacitors List

Covers both the motherboard and power supply.




Some Dirt

2 thoughts on “Apple Macintosh IIfx

  1. Interesting to see how different the motherboards looked on these older computers in comparison to the motherboards in modern computers today.


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