There is zero information about ETAL computer in the Internet. The nameplate is in a bad condition, but after some cleaning it is possible to read the manufacturer and other data.

Брянск – завод ЭталонBryansk – factory Etalon
КУВТ No 7КУВТ = комплект учебной вычислительной техникиEducational computer training set number 7
ПЭВМ ЭТАЛ-002 № 9ПЭВМ = персональная электронно-вычислительная машинаPersonal Computer number 9
Дата выпуска 3 1991гProduction date March 1991

Unfortunately, this computer does not work (somehow, if any of machines in my collection do not work and are not repairable, they are all built in the USSR). One of the PROM chips is overheating and I suspect it to be broken. There is not easy way to restore the code burnt into a PROM chip and I don’t know of any other piece of ETAL computer.

It has КР580ВМ80А CPU, which is a clone of i8080. Images of the three EPROM chips (unknown if damaged): etal-002-roms.zip

Here are some strings found in the images. If they ring a bell for you, please let me know.

*  E T A L O N  * modelx 002.00 * 64 kbajt *

BASIC V.002.00





Power Adapter Board

This board converts input 20V into 5V and two other unknown voltages (one of them is used to power audio amplifier).


Before restoration

After restoration (the black key was replaced from another machine).

Key Switches

These are reed switch based switches. A little magnet is placed inside the key pod.

Keyboard PCB

Motherboard Connector


Soviet Quality Gems

Please mind that two of the keys on the keyboard are a little crooked.

This is not a key switch problem, it is actually a faulty key cap that has misplaced pod socket (left: faulty, right: correct).

LED support looks like it was hand-made. The two leds are quite misaligned.

The screw holes in the cover were drilled in a wrong place. No problem for a small adjustment!


Some Dirt