Commodore C386SX-LT


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Please compare with Commodore C286-LT.




2MB Memory Module

Reverse-engineered schematic is available at my Github. This is a Mitsubishi MH1M16JS memory module.

LCD Screen

Sanyo LCM-5474

Backlight Power Inverter Module

Hard Drive

43MB Toshiba MK1122FC is HDD type 17 in BIOS.

Floppy Disk Drive

TEAC FD-335HF 063-U

LED Panel



BIOS entry key combination is CTRL-ALT-ESC pressed after the system booted.

Power Supply

The original BIOS battery is AA-size 3.6V Lithium battery. It can be easily replaced with popular 1/2AA size 3.6V LiSOCl2 batteries.

The power supply is pretty unusual and hard to replace. The pinout is described on the picture below. My laptop had the capacitors on the power supply board leaked. This caused the voltage to the LCD screen go out of the original range and turning the contrast wheel to the maximum contrast level provided voltage that actually killed the portions of the LCD panel – hence the dark vertical line on it.

If there is no need to charge the battery, it is possible to connect only +12V voltage and ground pins, for example from a router power supply that was described on the Atari SF314 FDD page. The power plug is Mini DIN 6-pin and is generally available today to purchase.


My computer came with no battery. For information about battery and its replacements, please see post about Commodore C286-LT. It is exactly the same in both models.